Transfering of practical methods proven in sports to work career and adapting them for the business world as well as the numerous examples discussed by Mateusz inspire listeners to develop their own strategy for personal development and motivate to act.
An event with Mateusz Kusznierewicz, one of the most accomplished Polish athletes, is an event that guarantees an unforgettable experience. Every appearance is prepared individually according to customer needs. During his appearances Mateusz uses professional multimedia presentations, in each case prepared thanks to years of speaker experience and hundreds of meetings held.

Scope of the lecture topics:

  • Motivation – practical ways to motivate yourself and others. The role of passion in life. Long-term maintenance of motivation and commitment.
  • Success pyramid – success at work and in personal life. Mateusz’s favourite topic: repeatable goal achievement through the conscious and scheduled building of a unit or an organization on solid foundations.
  • Change management – what to look for, how to plan and implement the process of change? How to find self in the transformation process?
  • Teamwork – management and team communication. How to build cross-team cooperation? The role of a leade Relations building. How to customize the communication and various other preferences for cooperation?
  • Work Life Balance – managing tasks, appointments, duties, time, diet, life.
  • Plan. Strategy – setting up and achieving objectives. Strategy building. Success visualization.
  • Personal development – idea for self. Conclusions from successes as well as failures. Ways to deal with setbacks. Overcoming obstacles. Taking on Decision-making and risk assessment.

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